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Therapeutic Massage

Shoulder Massage

Massage therapy has therapeutic effects on the entire body. Optimizing health and wellness by acting on the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems. Physical function can be improved and maintained through decreasing the effects of physical and emotional stress on the body.

Reflexology Massage


Reflexology uses points of the feet, hands, ears & face (feet is most popular) to induce a Relaxation Response in the body. From here the body can start its healing journey to homeostasis. Reflexology helps improve circulation of blood & lymph, pain relief, sleep issues, reducing anxiety, pre/post-surgery, and maintaining overall wellbeing.

Please note: 60 minutes is only recommended as a subsequent visit provided both reflexology & massage have been experienced in the past; not necessarily as a combination treatment.

Hot Stone Massage

hot stone.jpg

Hot stone massage promotes deep relaxation of your muscles using warm smooth Baltic stones to melt tension away. The warmth of the stones help to expand blood vessels and promote circulation.

Infant Massage Session

Happy Baby

During your private one-to-one session, Your infant will be treated as a patient by Aimee. During which you are able to participate and learn the techniques and routines of infant massage.

Helping you to understand cues, pressure, and learn to naturally soothe common complaints such as gas, teething & colic. While spending quality time bonding with your baby. 

Indie/Indian Head Massage

image0 (1).jpeg

Focusing on the head, neck, shoulders, and scalp can stimulate the nerves and blood vessels around the area, encouraging relaxation in the upper body.

Beneficial to people who suffer from TMJ, headaches and migraines. Head massage can reduce insomnia and help to manage symptoms of stress. 

Facial Gua Sha 

image0 (1).jpeg

Gua Sha uses a smooth flat tool to work on the shoulders, neck, scalp and face to apply techniques that stimulate lymphatic drainage, blood circulation and encourages relaxation of the facial muscles. 

Improved blood flow to skin and facial tissue can improve complexion and skin tone.


Gua Sha is beneficial in alleviating symptoms of TMJ, Sinus issues, and headaches/migraines.

Cupping Massage

Cupping Therapy

Cupping massage is a form of bodywork utilizing plastic and silicon cups. The skin is drawn up with a vacuum like suction to facilitate a deep release of connective tissue. Cupping is beneficial in treating scar tissue, chronic knots, fascial restrictions and muscle tightness.

Prenatal Massage


Massage is a safe and effective way to manage the pain and discomfort of your changing body through all stages of pregnancy. Positioned in the safest side laying position, there is no extra pressure on your abdominal ligaments. With pillows supporting your legs,chest and head, Your therapist has easy access to hips, legs and back.

Your comfort is the main concern so always communicate with your therapist if you need any adjustments.

Cancellation Policy

24 hours notice is required in consideration of other patients waiting for appointments. To respect our therapists time all

cancellations without notice are subject to be paid in full.

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Purchasing a gift certificate or pre-paying for a massage can be done via direct E-Transfer to the therapist of your choice.

How to:1. Email the therapist for any inquiries or questions about the service.2. If you would like a physical gift certificate you can arrange a pick up time at our clinic. We also offer an Emailed version.3. Send E-TransferIt's that simple!


We appreciate your cooperation. As all of our practitioners are independent contractors. Therefore we cannot process gift certificates through our online system.

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