Aimee Sutton
Owner of AIM

Aimee has been a RMT since 2008,  opening AiM in 2014 to create a collaborative space where therapists can work together in a unique wellness setting. 


Her practice is dedicated to the overall well being of the patient. Providing individualized treatments based on specific needs and finding the root cause of pain. Utilizing cupping massage,  joint mobilization, and muscular energy techniques enables Aimee to treat a range of conditions; including chronic pain, whiplash and soft tissue injuries, and pre/post-natal massage.  

Aimee is a CIMT (Certified Infant Massage Trainer)  meaning she teaches parents and care givers techniques to help sooth their infants and increase bonding through infant massage. She also love to treat kids in clinic!

 Aimee was honored to win Guelph Tribune Mercury Best Massage Therapist, Diamond award for 2016 & 2017.



Muriel Cusimano

Muriel Cusimano received her diploma from the Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy, in addition to massage Muriel holds a Reiki Masters diploma and is trained in Indie head massage and Hot Stone Massage.


She is an energetic and resourceful therapist who believes in the importance of a client-centered practice.  That means empowering clients by working together to develop the best possible treatment.  Muriel treats a variety of patients including, children, seniors , Pre-natal & postnatal and athletes.  Using a wide variety of therapeutic techniques.


Muriel strives to provide the highest quality care for her patients to provide relief from musculoskeletal aches and pains caused by stress or injury, and to improve quality of life.


Sabrina Thomas

Sabrina received a Bachelors of Science at the University of Guelph prior to pursing a degree in massage therapy and graduated as an RMT in 2018.


She aims to create a comfortable environment for her patients and provide specific treatments for each individual under her care. Sabrinas approach is one of compassion and understanding. While integrating the science behind the musculoskeletal system to relieve pain.


Sabrina takes the time to listen to patients and develop a personalized treatment. Treating a wide range of conditions including but not limited to chronic back pain, TMJ, carpal tunnel, and pain associated with sciatica.


Sabrina is trained in Indie head massage, cupping massage, hot stone massage, and Reiki.

nadine photo.jpeg

Nadine has been a Reflexologist since 2005 and an RMT since 2019, treating patients from all walks of life. Her certificate is enhanced by complementary holistic certifications including, Therapeutic touch, Reiki, Rejuvenation face massage and Indian head massage.

 Nadine's attention to detail during assessment, combined with a passion for educating her clients on symptom management, correction, and encouraging self-care between treatments, comes together to create a unique treatment for each individual patient.



Nadine Wagner