Baby Massage Classes

What is  CIMT?

A CERTIFIED INFANT MASSAGE TRAINER OR CIMT™ is not only an instructor, but also an educator who teaches the art of infant massage to parents or caregivers in the presence of their babies.

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 What to expect:

During a baby massage class you will be learning

  • The benefits of massage

  • Understand your babies cues

  • Massage techniques & routines to help sooth common complaints

  • Stimulate growth Enhance bonding


Each class runs 20-30 minutes long

Due to Covid-19 Classes have been adapted to an online format

Classes have been segmented into 3 sessions:

  1. Arms + Legs + Oils

  2. Chest + Tummy + Touch

  3. Back + Face + Benefits


Classes can be done individually - $18.00 ea.

or a bundle - $50.00

Please reach out to me if you have any questions


 Arm  & Leg

Learn about oils, cues, &
a massage routine to soothe growing pains for arms & legs

Tummy & Chest

Understand touch, chest & tummy massage routine to help with digestion & congestion

 Back & Face

Stimulate growth & development with back massage & help ease teething pains through face massage



Sleep : Helps improve quality & duration of sleep, the melanin and serotonin regulation.


Calming: Touch lowers cortisol, for both you and your baby


Bonding: Helps you to better understand your baby's non-verbal cues and establish a stronger bond between you & your baby.


Development: Stimulates healthy weight gain, neurological development, body awareness by connecting left and right brain communication & Boosts immune system.


Digestive relief: Soothes colic, gas, constipation, and stimulate proper waste elimination.


Postpartum relief: Massaging baby may help to stimulate Oxytocin "the love hormone"  which promotes a feeling of relaxation in both mommy & baby, helps promote lactation & bonding.

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